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Community Resources

This search is restricted to community resources serving 87571.
Find the help you need > Community Groups and Government/Administrative Offices > City/County Surveyor Services

City/County Surveyor Services

Local government offices that are responsible for planning and conducting all survey activities for the jurisdiction; reviewing city/county annexations, plats and legal descriptions; and maintaining survey records. They perform boundary, topographical and property surveys of city/county properties, parks, recreational facilities, engineering improvements and land to be purchased and/or sold by/to the jurisdiction; maintain a depository and review process for plats of all surveys where property corner monuments were set to establish property boundaries; re-establish lost or obliterated section corner monuments (official survey marker locations established by the original surveyor working for the U.S. Congress); create and maintain a geographical mapping system showing voting, legislative, and school districts; develop and maintain a street centerline addressing system to assist the city/county in parcel identification, law enforcement response time, and verification of special project boundaries; maintain current and historical aerial photography maps of the area; and assist the general public with locating property surveys, historical research, general survey questions, and interpreting and understanding legal descriptions. Surveys record geographic conditions and manmade features as they currently exist including terrain, drainage, property boundaries and ownership, soil condition and other physical features.

1 Location offering the requested services to residents of the 87571 postal code. Providers are listed by priority/proximity
1000 Central Avenue, Suite 160
Los Alamos, NM 87544
Los Alamos County
52 miles from you
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