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Community Resources

This search is restricted to community resources serving 87571.
Find the help you need > Counseling Approaches > Person Centered Therapy

Person Centered Therapy

Programs that specialize in providing therapeutic interventions that are based on the doctrine developed by Carl Rogers that psychotherapy consists of helping people to mobilize their latent psychic resources to resolve their problems. The therapist is nondirective, providing encouragement but not guidance, while the individual explores his or her troublesome attitudes and feelings. The problem is solved when appropriate emotional responses are substituted for inappropriate ones, but the decision about what is appropriate is left to the individual. During therapy, the person comes to understand the problem (though not necessarily its origins) and to plan for its resolution.

1 Location offering the requested services to residents of the 87571 postal code. Providers are listed by priority/proximity
17661 U.S. 84/285
Santa Fe, NM 87506
(877) 282-0837 Toll Free   Immediate Treatment help
(866) 985-0181   24×7 Free Confidential Rehabilitation Hotline
Santa Fe County
61 miles from you
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