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Volunteer Opportunities

Everyday United Way 2-1-1 receives calls from individuals in need of food, clothing, shelter, as well as other needs. Our volunteer positions offer the satisfaction of helping those callers.

Be a part of something that matters!


Telephone Specialist

Telephone specialists answer our phones and use our database to provide clients with resources and services in their community to meet their needs. In order to ensure clients are provided consistent, high quality assistance, telephone specialists must complete a 15 hour training course. We ask that our telephone specialists commit to serve a minimum of 2 hours a week with a minimum commitment of 6 months

Internship Opportunities:

United Way 211 has a variety of internship opportunities, if interested in information, please let us know!

Outcome Survey Specialist:

This position consists of contacting previous clients for follow up and feedback, inquiring if the information provided was helpful and if we can be of further service. This position requires little training and a smaller time commitment.


Tax Appointments (January-April)

Schedule tax appointments over the phone for clients.
Volunteer as little or as much as you want.

School Supply Registration (May-July)

Register children over the phone for school supply assistance.
Volunteer as little or as much as you want.

Holiday Helpline (October-December)

Register families and children over the phone for holiday gift and or food assistance.
Volunteer as little or as much as you want.

For more information on volunteer opportunities:
please contact Dede Parker at 812-376-0011 or

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