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Community Resources

This search is restricted to community resources serving 87571.
Find the help you need > Housing/Shelter > Disaster Declarations Information

Disaster Declarations Information

Programs that provide information about the disaster declaration status of states (and localities within states) that have experienced a specific situation such as a fire, flood, storm, earthquake, epidemic, drought, sudden and severe energy shortage or other similar condition that is beyond the ability of local and/or state authorities to manage. The process to request state and/or federal assistance after a disaster or emergency is initiated when the local governing body or the Governor submits a formal request to the appropriate state or federal office. Program and financial assistance vary depending on the type of declaration or proclamation, whether the situation constitutes an emergency or a disaster, and the type of assistance required. A declaration by the President of a federal major disaster or emergency is required to initiate the flow of federal resources.

1 Location offering the requested services to residents of the 87571 postal code. Providers are listed by priority/proximity
701 North Fairfax Street, Suite 310
Alexandria, VA 22314
(800) 462-7585 Toll Free   Disaster survivor hotline
(800) 621-3362 Toll Free
Alexandria City County
1546 miles from you
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