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Search Our Directory

There are five ways to search the database - by Category, Keyword, Name, Area Served or Location

By Category: You search our pre-selected list of categories and subcategories. For example, Basic Needs would be a category and Transportation would be a subcategory. Descriptions of all subcategories (and categories without subcategories) can be viewed by clicking the help button and selecting glossary of terms. Many people find it easy to search by category.

By Keyword: You search for a general kind of program or service. You can have one or more keywords listed in a keyword search. For example, Meals would be a keyword as would Home Delivered Meals. Many people find it easy to search by keyword.

By Name: You search by the specific name of the program, organization or agency. For example, Alzheimer’s Association and St. Joseph Hospital would be specific resource names. If you are not sure of the exact name, an alphabetical listing of all resources is available.

By Area Served: You search by the city or county that a specific resource serves. Some organizations serve a single city or county, some serve a group of cities or counties, and some serve the entire region. Once you have selected the particular area you are interested in receiving services from, you then continue to search by Category, Keyword, or Name.

By Location: You search by the actual location of the program or service (not necessarily the area it serves). You can search by city or county. Some resources have only one location, others have several locations. Once you have selected the particular location, you then continue to search by Category, Keyword, Name or all resources.

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